Website Hosting
Website hosting made easy

Do you already have a website but want to transfer your site to a safe and reliable server? If you answered yes then we can help. We serve websites off a pool of servers, which means that the first and fastest machine available will be the one to serve your website. Pools provide more redundancy, faster load times and fewer service interruptions. We offset the carbon emissions of our data centres and offices by purchasing renewable energy credits, which are then used to generate wind energy.

What is included in your website hosting? To host your website on our server will cost £35 per year with no hidden costs. With Vicareo website hosting we offer unlimited hosting space and unlimited data transfer. Vicareo Website Design has a hosting solution which is perfect for small business and personal websites. If you already have a domain name (co, com,, org, etc) and need a website host then we can organise the domain transfer to our server from your existing host for FREE. Don't worry if you have email services with your current provider...we can sort that out too!